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If you need to sell your house fast in Jacksonville, Florida and want an all-cash offer, look no further. “” makes it simple so you don’t have to be concerned with hidden agendas, agent fees, realtor commissions, or bad tenants.

It doesn’t matter what condition your home in Jacksonville Florida, looks like; we will stop at nothing to buy your house fast and get your no obligation cash offer to you. We specialize in cash home buying in Jacksonville, Florida without all the expensive closing costs. All we need is your property info with your street address to get started.

As a family-owned company, we understand how fortunate we are when a homeowner in Jacksonville Florida requests our help to buy your home. “” operates differently than other “sell my house fast” companies. You always get a cash offer without any obligation to sell your home in Jacksonville, Florida. We pay all closing costs and never charge any agent fees. We are professional house buyers that will make a cash offer for your Jacksonville, Florida home. Our goal is to find a solution to your housing problem. We are not realtors and we don’t use banks; our offers are cash. Contact us today; we will solve any real estate problem.

How Can I Sell My House Fast to Qualified House Buyers?

Folks just like you in Jacksonville Florida, need to sell their house. Sometimes the decision to sell their Jacksonville home comes quickly and other times it can be difficult. We are here to help with any challenge you need to overcome. Here are some common reasons homeowners in Jacksonville call us to buy houses!

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You are under no obligation sell, you can still do nothing if you like. We want to give you a good home selling experience and can help get your home under contract without trying to sell to friends or family. Nothing beats the experience of getting a home to closing. We work with all types of people and take care of all things associated with home buying and selling. As homeowners who are wanting to do whatever it takes to get your house under contract and make your move, the first thing you should do is call our team! You can also visit our About us page to know more about our company.

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A "We Buy Houses For Cash" Company That's Different

Sell Your House Fast In Jacksonville, Florida

Why choose “” to buy your home in Jacksonville? We have been through tough times, and being able to get honest, credible advice on how to best sell your house in Jacksonville when needed is paramount. When a homeowner approaches us to buy their house with a cash offer, we ask the reason they are selling. It is our job to help guide you when trying to sell your home in Jacksonville, Florida. We help you understand all the options available to get a fair cash offer.

After learning what your goals and expectations are for wanting to sell your house fast in Jacksonville, Florida, we may find that you are better off using one of the many Jacksonville real estate agents. We are in the business of helping people in Jacksonville, Florida and sometimes that’s accomplished by having us buy your home for cash; other times, it may not be.

sell your house fast in Jacksonville
professional home buyers

If you want a “we buy houses” company telling you what you want to hear vs. what you need to hear, we are probably not the company you want to use to buy houses in Jacksonville, Florida. It doesn’t matter your situation or if you are selling distressed real estate in Jacksonville or if you just need to sell your house in Jacksonville, Florida as is; we will always show you every option available and the rest is up to you! If selling your house in Jacksonville for cash to us is the best solution, that’s great. Remember, we buy houses in Jacksonville, Florida in any situation and we always give you a fair price when we make cash offers. Put the yard signs away and let us help you sell your home.

Selling your Jacksonville house isn't an immediate decision.

One reason for selling your house fast for cash might determine which type of company to use, professional home buyers vs. a real estate agency. If you are in a situation where taking weeks to find a buyer just won’t work, then selling to a professional home buyer might be the answer. If you’d rather sell for the highest sales price possible, contacting an agent may be best.

Questions like want vs. need can steer the process. Do you NEED to sell your house in Jacksonville fast? If you are in a situation to be willing to share some of the built-up equity to obtain that fast sale, an investor could be the best solution. On the flip side, if you WANT to sell your house or houses and you are not under a time crunch, holding out for that perfect person who will pay retail prices in Jacksonville makes sense. It all comes down to your unique situation and which method provides you the outcome you desire when you sell your property.

Another advantage to using property investors to buy your property fast for cash is you get your cash hassle-free, and you choose the date it happens. Most retail buyers that are looking at your house need to secure a loan with a lender and pay realtor commissions. That presents many problems for someone looking to sell properties needing repairs or in poor condition.

Note: Do your homework when choosing whom to work with that buy houses in Jacksonville. Check out verified reviews, the actual property address and check with other experts in the field that work with cash buyers. The purpose is to avoid something that might cause unforeseen problems for your house.

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We Buy Houses for Cash

The Process When We Buy Houses
Jacksonville FL:

Stress Free Process
Stress Free Process - vertical

As professional home buyers in Jacksonville, Florida, we have a very simple 5 step program for buying your property in any situation. When you need to sell your Jacksonville real estate fast, some companies might try to dazzle you with fancy contracts and wild claims for how much money they pay for houses in Jacksonville, Florida. This can leave you feeling taken advantage of. When you request “” assistance in Jacksonville, Florida we make a free no-obligation offer for your house or property with no strings attached under any situation, and you can be assured our cash offer is free with no obligation!

Short Phone Call

We have a phone conversation about buying your Jacksonville property fast and want to understand the situation behind your need to sell your Jacksonville, Florida property.

House Call

Provide the street address of your Jacksonville home along with the zip code so that we can evaluate the condition of your property. Keep in mind that we buy houses in any condition and are willing to make your home offer.

Written Offer

This is the part of the process where we will make you a written cash offer for your property in Jacksonville, Florida.

Closing Date

You choose the date you want to close for your cash offer.

Get Your Money!

Receive cash in your hand and move on to the next chapter of your life.

What are you waiting for?

Sell Your House Fast Without Using A Real Estate Agent

What does it mean when someone says, I want market value for my house in Jacksonville, Florida? Who buys houses for market value? The term market value can be misleading. The value of a house in excellent condition is very different from a house needing extensive repairs. We make it very simple when it comes to how much we will pay for your house.. 

We Buy Houses for Cash


Anyone who buys houses should do a comparative market analysis to see what a house in Jacksonville, Florida similar to yours would sell for if it were updated and all systems new, needing no repairs. That represents the retail price one could expect once renovations are complete on a house in Jacksonville, Florida.  This number is called the (ARV) “After Repaired Value.”

During our walkthrough of your house, we will create a repair estimate detailing the total cost of needed repairs for your property.



ARV and cost of repairs -we subtract the repair cost and other costs associated with buying and renovating a house in Jacksonville, such as taxes, insurance and holding costs to arrive at the fair as-is market value.

Remember when I stated differing opinions of “market value” in Jacksonville, Florida? It can be boiled down to two terms. As-is value or After repaired value. Avoid the pitfalls of lowball offers from other so called investors. We are thankful to property owners who work with us as a cash home buyer. We want to help you turn the page and will work with you to minimize the headache of selling your home.

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About Our Company

My name is Wayne Garab; my wife Natalie and son Grant Garab round out this family business that buys houses in Jacksonville, Florida. Our team buys houses and treats people with respect. We are local homebuyers that help homeowners receive relief from owning an unwanted house. We buy houses in our local real estate market focusing on single-family homes, Condos and small multi unit apartments.

We have completed hundreds of transactions for houses in any condition. Relationships are what matter to us and ensuring everyone involved when buying your Jacksonville house is satisfied with the outcome is a priority! Our real estate professional will work with you and your property information to get you a sale without the stress that comes from dealing with others. Working with us is not like working with a realtor. We don’t need mortgage approvals and will be a cash home buyer for you whether you are selling land, an office, or other types of properties. We consider it a privilege to make a cash offer on any of your properties, and we don’t charge any fees.

Natalie Home Buyer

Our Mission:

To assist local homeowners in Jacksonville, Florida, by buying their house. Oftentimes situations occur such as death, divorce, job loss, illness, liens, etc. and you may need to sell your property fast. We buy houses in Jacksonville at a fair price, which takes the burden off you. We help provide housing that supports local home buyers with maintenance-free housing and quality rentals for those not yet ready to purchase in Jacksonville, FL. 

Our Promise:

Whether we take a Jacksonville house that requires substantial repairs or needs remodeled, it allows us to help a new family find a maintenance free house in Jacksonville, FL. We ensure that the seller is fully aware of all exit strategies available to them, even if we don’t purchase their house in Jacksonville.

Some companies in Jacksonville will make a low offer to benefit themselves without disclosing to the seller that there may be better options for selling their house quickly. We are the opposite, we will make sure you are aware of all possible options.

Wayne Home Buyer

What is your situation?

ugly house jacksonville florida

If you don’t need to sell your house fast in FL and your home can be sold to a new buyer without making repairs, we will recommend listing your Jacksonville, FL home with a real estate agent. We will always show you how we arrived at your fair cash offer and always ask you what date you want to close and get paid.

On our menu page, you will see a form that breaks down the logic we apply in making our cash offers. We have a form for everything on our menu to eliminate the hassles from your real estate selling experience. Whether you are willing to do repairs to sell your house or are the type of individual that wants to do nothing at all to the house, will guide you through the entire process.

Commonly Asked Questions

You do not need to make any repairs to your Jacksonville houses! You can sell your Jacksonville, FL house/condo as-is. There is also no need to clean the house. Take what you want and leave the rest!

From when you first filled out the form for more information, to when we purchase your house at the property address for cash, can close and have the money in your hands in as little as 10 days!

We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau when we buy houses as is in Jacksonville! We have many professional references that you can call to vouch for us and confirm we are the real deal.

When we buy houses as-is, we will guide you through the entire process for your fair cash offer and make sure you understand all aspects of your FL home offer. We are transparent and helpful when buying houses in any condition. Creating a hassle-free experience is the goal to sell your Jacksonville house.

We buy houses in Jacksonville FL and have helped many clients that are behind on their mortgage payments. Sometimes we can catch up the payments for you to keep it from going to foreclosure! It is a blessing not to worry about a delinquent mortgage when you need to sell quickly. Stop worrying about pesky tenants or a looming foreclosure. We can take your mortgage off your hands well before closing. It does not matter the amount you owe, if you are facing foreclosure, or if you have tenants to evict.

We work with homeowners that live out of state and have homes with a property address in Jacksonville. When we buy houses, the entire sales process can be done without you traveling to Florida for the closing of your home. We will buy your house for cash regardless of the condition or where you live.

The fastest way to sell your house is to contact a we buy houses company, call today! We will get you a quick closing date along with a fair cash offer and you will not have to deal with agent commissions when selling your Jacksonville house.

  • To get the very highest sales price for your Jacksonville, FL house means you need to sell to a retail buyer. Meaning the end user. If you have ample time to wait for the perfect buyer to come along, we recommend using a real estate agent and listing the property. If however circumstances wont allow that strategy…read on.
  • Cash is king and that is exactly the type of offer you will get when working with our process. Would you rather pay realtor fees or work with a cash home buyer team that gives offers and buys houses in a variety of zip codes no matter if there are real estate problems or not?
  • Avoid a lowball offer from less reputable investors and use a company that has been vetted by the BBB and other professionals in the industry. We act as a cash buyer and guarantee to free you of hassles and commissions as we take care of everything!
FAQ - Home Buyers
Is Jacksonville, FL a Buyers or Sellers Market?

Is Jacksonville, FL a Buyers or Sellers Market?

Overall, houses in Jacksonville, have appreciated over the last year over 6%. This is a great sign for those who want to buy houses in or around Jacksonville. You should have no problem going under contract on all types of homes from condos to mansions. Homes are also becoming more affordable, so if you have plans to move, right now is a great time.

If you’re looking for a home buyer with a great offer to buy your house fast, then look no further. We buy houses in Jacksonville regularly, and you should call us if you want to sell your home. We make offers to buy your house fast and allow you to choose the closing date. We don’t care about the condition of your Jacksonville property; we buy houses as-is.


On the Northside of Jacksonville, homes are steady at a median sales price of about $242,000 as of 2020. On average, the homes will spend about 35 days on the market before they are sold. If you want to avoid those long wait times, we can help you skip the realtors. The area is transforming into a buyer’s market when it comes to homes. We are certain that we could buy and close on your home quickly. If your Jacksonville property address is located here, and you’re looking for cash home buyers, call us to buy your house.


Property address in Southside of the area is doing just as well as the property address in Northside. Homes are averaging at about $245,000 over the past year, and they spent around 108 days on the market. When you need to sell your house fast, 108 days will not cut it, however.

Still, this side of town is doing extremely well for buyers and sellers. Plenty of deals are being made, with the housing’s cost staying up and not deflating during the closing process. If your Jacksonville property address is located here, and you’re looking for cash home buyers, call us to buy your house, as it has never been easier to sell your Jacksonville house.


The average sale price for a home on the Westside, regardless of street address, address last year was $68,000. This is significantly lower than the other areas, with the prices dropping 2.9% under the listing price.

This shows that it is a pretty good time to buy homes on the west side. Be sure to contact us for more information if you want to get cash for your home since we buy houses Jacksonville FL.


The market for a property address on the Eastside is not very competitive. Multiple offers are rare, so you are not likely to get a good deal through MLS. Homes sell for around 11% less than their listing. Selling your house through traditional methods on the Eastside is not a good idea right now. If you want to do it more efficiently, be sure to reach out to us. It does not matter where your property address is, we buy houses all over Jacksonville FL, and we will give you a fair cash offer, making it easy to sell your Jacksonville house.

If your property is located anywhere in Jacksonville and you're looking for cash home buyers, call us, we buy fast and as-is.

We buy houses in Jacksonville FL. as real estate investors If you are looking to sell my house fast in any condition, you have come to the right place! We have all your real estate solutions handled.

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